Catholic JOE

Catholic Joe

Main Characters

Joseph Salvatore

is the main character who is an archetype that many can relate to…he is strong, virile, highly intelligent, yet flawed in a comforting kind of way…he is filled with courage, and willing to take chances.  A beloved son of the church, 4th degree Knight of Columbus, Spec Ops ace, and high-level military genius he is prone to follow the path of strength and power as his default setting.

Vincenzo Salvatore

is the youngest brother of Joe. He is a hard charging tech genius who recently sold his Information Technology Company company for hundreds of millions of dollars at the cost of his family and marriage.

Eddy B

is an irresistible and mysterious street person who finds himself intertwined in the lives of Vinny and Joe whose simple wisdom changes the trajectory of their lives.

Mary Salvatore

is the heroic wife of Joe, whose heart and dedication gives him the support and strength he needs to fight the ultimate battle.

Fr. McCloskey

is the former Marine chaplain and long-time friend of Joe who prepares him to possibly lay down his life, and gives him the gift of unimaginable value.

Fr. Sudac

is the mystic Priest who takes Joe deep into his soul to find the meaning of his mission, and to explain the spiritual battle that lay before him.



is Joe’s long-time State Department colleague and friend who is a behind the scenes mastermind, who architected with the Joe the most recent branch of the military, Space Force.